To become a No Kill Community we ask the public to Save the Saveable.

No Kill Pima County is a grassroots organization working to end any unnecessary shelter deaths through the comprehensive implementation of the No Kill Equation. is a marketing campaign bringing attention to vulnerable animals at the municipal shelter.

All healthy animals.
All treatable animals.


Focus for April 2019 

SAGE - In Foster Care with LOVAR

This lovely lady is friendly and calm, she even likes dogs! Sage is 5-6 years old and doing well in foster, but she has been waiting a long time for a forever home. We bet the reason is because she is FIV+ and want you to know that is nothing to be afraid of!  FIV reduces immunity making her more susceptible to infections. But FIV+ cats can live long normal lives, it is not contagious to dogs or people and is transmitted to other cats thru a deep bite wound or mating. LOVAR will redirect your $50 adoption fee to a veterinary credit for Sage's next vaccines and will add $100 credit for any future vet needs (deposited to your vet's account). LOVAR is also offering, if necessary, 2 weeks free boarding within the next year if the adopter should have the need. Contact us if you'd like more info or want to meet Sage.