In the unfortunate event that your pet should go missing, a microchip can help reunite you and may even save their life. A microchip is about the size of grain of rice and it is implanted under the pet’s loose skin between its neck and shoulder blades. It is a simple and quick procedure. Each microchip has its own identification number that uniquely identifies your pet when read with a microchip scanner. Your pet’s microchip number is registered with a national database which keeps a record of your personal contact and emergency information.


No Kill Pima County Lost Pets Initiative, Monthly Low Cost Microchips: $10 including lifetime registration with Found Animals.   SEE SCHEDULE AND LOCATIONS

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona   3450 N. Kelvin, (520) 327-6088
$20, including registration with Home Again service. Available during vaccination clinics  Wednesday and Saturday starting at 9am.  No appointment necessary. Three locations:

Altered Tails Tucson,  225 E. Valencia  (520) 495-5900
$25 including registration with Foundpets.org. Wednesdays 1-3

Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic,  5408 S. 12th Ave (520) 889-9643
$25 including registration with 24 Hour Petwatch. Requires an appointment (but no exam or extra fee)

Pet Doctor,   6464 N. Oracle  (520)  829-5166
$33  including registration with Home Again service. Open Monday thru Friday 8-12 and 2-6 and Saturday 8-12. No appointment necessary

Animal Birth Control (ABC) vaccination clinic,   3113 E. 1st St, (520) 881-7387
$35 including registration for life with AKC service. walk in: Tuesday thru Friday 10-4, Saturday 12 – 3

ABC Vaccination clinic,   375 W. Ajo     (520) 714-7729
$35 including registration for life with AKC service. walk in: Tuesday thru Friday 10-4, Saturday 12 – 3

Animal Birth Control Clinic,        1114 S. Craycroft (520) 745-4564
$35 including registration for life with AKC service. Requires an appointment (but no exam or extra fee)

Ask your vet – Most clinics in Pima County, will ‘microchip’ your pet and charge between $20 and $80, including registration with a national database.  Some clinics will require an exam at the same time for an additional fee.


If you ADOPTED your pet it was  VERY LIKELY chipped by the shelter or rescue. Bring your pet to any clinic or shelter and have them scan your pet. If you have a microchip number but are not sure what company it is connected with, most chips can be looked up here: http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/ 


 • The Found Animals Microchip Registry  https://microchipregistry.foundanimals.org/

Any brand of microchip may be registered here, free of charge. Add pets, and update your information for free online 24/7. Create a  free  account at https://microchipregistry.foundanimals.org/

 • 24Petwatch http://www.24petwatch.com (866) 597-2424

Registration is $18.95 for cats and $21.95 for dogs per year or lifetime registration is $49.95 for cats and $59.95 for dogs. Change of ownership is $18.95.

Home Again http://public.homeagain.com (888) 466-3242

Registration and membership is $17.99 per year, includes all account changes, support services when pet is lost and a national recovery network.

AVID PETtrac https://www.avidid.com (800) 336-2843

Registration and membership is a $19.95 one-time fee for single pets and $50.00 for multiple pets. Account changes cost $6.00. Change in ownership costs $19.95.

American Kennel Club http://www.akccar.org/microchips (800) 252-7894

Registration is $17.50 online, paper registration $19.95, includes all account changes. Transfer ownership is $19.95.

Petlink.net http://www.petlink.net/us/cms.spring?path=prejoin.html (877) 738-5465

Registration is $19.99 online, by phone registration an additional $4.95, includes all account changes.
Change of ownership is $19.99

RFID-USA http://www.rfid-usa.org (866) 211-9590

Registration is $19.95, account changes are $6.00, and change of ownership is $18.95

Free Pet Chip Registry http://www.freepetchipregistry.com/index.php (888) 546-7615

Registration and account changes are free.