This directory showcases resources available for or in our community. No Kill Pima County does not endorse or make any claims or warranties regarding the quality, function, or any other property of the products / services listed in the directory. Please do independent research before making a final decision to purchase or use a product / service found in this directory.

The resources in this directory are for pet owners and anyone offering or looking for help to prevent animals from going to a shelter. Whether it is an owned pet or a stray, taking an animal to a shelter should always be a last resort. Even in the best of shelters, any time there is an alternative to placing an animal in ANY shelter a space is kept available for that shelter to assist another animal who has no alternative. Our community cannot achieve or sustain No Kill if our community does not support all aspects of the No Kill Equation.


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To talk to someone about your pet (owned or found) call the Pet Support Center at Pima Animal Care Center: (520) 724-7222


Behavior problems? (Aggression, soiling, escaping, etc.)

Pet Training and Owner Education:

Local training classes, websites and behavior help lines where you can talk or write to a trainer, free online training videos, links to material on typical training/behavior issues.

Need to move? Your pet wants to come with you!

Pet Friendly Housing:

Apartments, houses, retirement/assisted living options and bully breed insurance. Sort apartment listing by number of pets allowed, weight limits, breed restrictions, fees and more.

Having Financial Difficulty right now?

Pet Food Assistance:

Pet food banks and criteria (and donation sites)

Low Cost Vaccines, Dental, and Medical Assistance: Vacunas y Cuidados Dental

Financial assistance options for veterinary care, low cost vaccines, low cost clinics, insurance options, credit options and tips to raising funds yourself.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter   

Spay/neuter:   Recursos Comunitarios Para Esterilización

Free and low cost options.

Found A Litter of Newborn or Infant Kittens?

What to do (and Not Do) when you find newborn or infant kittens

Part I. Things to consider before deciding the babies need to be ‘saved’ and brought to a shelter.

Part II. Additional Resource Information including how to determine a kitten’s age and taming/socialization



Emergency or Temporary Housing

Options for victims of domestic violence, deployed military, disaster, foreclosure, and options for boarding/pet sitters.

Rehoming Your Pet

Finding another home for your pet, yourself, instead of ‘hoping’ someone will adopt your pet from the shelter. Guidelines for responsibly rehoming your pet.



When You Find A Pet

Steps to take before you consider the shelter.

Microchip your pet!!

Shelters are overcrowded with lost pets. Help your pet get home quickly.

Trap Neuter Return (the ONLY proven effective, long term solution for reducing feral cat populations),

IF you are considering or have already been trapping cats and taking them to Pima Animal Care Center, PLEASE consider the proven, effective method of Trap Neuter Return.

How to Bottle-feed Newborn Kittens

Newborn kittens need feeding every few hours and cannot be cared for in our county shelter. YOU can help by taking care of them.

Planning For Your Pets When You Cannot Take Care of Them

Guidelines for planning ahead to make sure your animals are cared for if for any reason you cannot care for them.

When to Call the Veterinarian

Seeking medical attention as soon as possible to prevent or minimize health conditions that you cannot handle is vital. This page provides guidelines for when to seek medical attention.

Wildlife Rescue