Tucson: For the month of January, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona presents Happy Mew Year!  Male cat neuters will have a $15 copay and female cat spays will have a $25 copay. Call 520-881-0321 to schedule your appointment today! *Appointment required. Cats must be 3 months to 4 years of age.

Three Points: SPAY/NEUTER for $35 copay.  Vaccines: DAPP/PRC vaccines $20 and rabies $15.  Asavet Charities, the first Wednesday of every month (January 3rd). Check in is at 8am. First come first serve. No food for the pets after midnight, water is fine.  At the fire station at 10351 S. Sasabe Hwy. Vaccines are also available for reasonable prices.  Call 520-889-9643

Ajo: Wellness clinic.  On January 9th, Asavet is bringing clinic services to the pet owners of Ajo. Location:  Pima County Animal Control Care Center 1249 N Well Rd, Ajo, AZ 85321.   Must arrive by 10am for check in if having surgery and no food after midnight the night before. Services available: $35 wellness exams 10-2 pm including (includes DAPP/PRC vaccine if due) and Rabies $15,  dog spay/neuter $75-$105 depending on weight, Cat spay $65, Cat neuter $35,  No food for the pets after midnight, water is fine.   Call 520-889-9643

Douglas: Spay/Neuter and wellness clinic: On January 25 and 26 Asavet is bringing services to Douglas at Douglas Animal Control 2017 Rogers Ave. Surgery drop off is between 7am and 8am. Vaccines and wellness Clinic 2pm – 4pm. No food after midnight if having surgery. Pets under 5 months of age dont have to have fasted. All dogs must be on leash and or in pet carrier. All cats must be in pet carrier. All pets must be minimum of 2 months of age and weigh 2 pounds. First come first serve, limited number available. FEE SCHEDULE:
Cat Neuter – $25.00, Cat Spay – $55.00, Dog Neuter – $75.00 , Dog Spay 1-50lb – $85.00, Dog Spay 51-99lb-$95.00, Dog Spay 100+lb – $105.00, ALL VACCINES – $15.00,
Deworming – $10.00,  Microchip – $25.00, Toe Nail Trim – $10.00

When faced with medical emergencies or expenses that are beyond an owner’s ability to pay, there are options to consider before giving up and putting the pet down or bringing him to a shelter.

Help is available from local sources and national sources and an owner may consider ideas for raising funds himself. It’s amazing how generous the community can be when they are presented with a serious, heartfelt request for help.

Listed in this section:

I.  Low cost vaccinations, Dental and More                                                                                   II. Organizations that offer financial assistance specifically for medical needs
III. Zero interest credit card for medical treatment and ‘discount’ services
IV. Health Insurance for Pets
V. Suggestions for owners who want to raise funds to meet their pet’s medical needs


Sometimes you may feel you cannot afford basic medical care. Consider these low cost options.

Vaccinations: The most important reason for vaccinating your pet is to protect them from contagious diseases. Very cost effective way to manage your pet’s health.

Click here for a recommended schedule of shots for dogs and cats:

Shot Clinic Prices listed are for each shot. Shots typically available are: For dogs: DHHP (4 in 1, Corona, Bordatella (Kennel cough) and Rabies. For cats: FVRCPC (4 in 1), FELV (Feline Leukemia) and Rabies. Most will include a free wellness check at the time. Some have ‘package deals’ for all puppy shots.

• ABC Vaccination Clinics  3113 E 1st Street  (520)  881-7387   Tues thru Fri 10-4 and  Sat 12-3

and  375 W. Ajo Way  (520) 741-7729    Tues  3-7 and Sat 7am-12         $12    

• Animal Fair Low Cost Vaccination Clinic 4810 E 22nd St (520) 298-2961  Sundays 11-2   $12-$30

Additional mobile clinic dates in Sahuarita and Green Valley are listed on their website.

• Arizona Spay Neuter Clinic 4 W Grant Rd (520) 624-5005    Mon thru Fri 2-4          $10-$15

• Humane Society of Southern Arizona 3450 N Kelvin Blvd (520) 881-0321
Wed,  9:30-11:00am and Sat 9-11:30 in the spay/neuter clinic  $12-$13

• Green Valley holds a shot clinic the first Saturday of the month at (520) 762-1436

• Pet Doctor Rx 6464 N. Oracle (520) 829-5166   Mon-Sat 8am to noon and 2pm to 6pm        $12

• Woofs Without Roofs holds wellness, basic medical services and vaccine clinics and offers basic medical services for the pets of homeless or homeless in transition owners. Second Sunday of each month, 10-11:30 at Z Mansion, 288 North Church. Kathryn Halstead DMV at (520) 888-7279

Feed Stores often sell do it yourself vaccines. (Rabies vaccine however must be administered by a designated qualified person)

• Arizona Feed Country Store, dog vaccines for $10.99 and $11.99.
North: 4719 N Highway Dr., (520) 887-2202
South: 9535 S 6th Ave., (520) 622-2321

• Vista Feed & Supply, 5 in 1 (small breeds) and 7 in 1 (large breeds) puppy vaccines for $9.20
2052 W Sahuarita Rd, Corona de Tucson, AZ (520) 762-1436

Local Low Cost Clinics and Cost Dental Care

Office visit (to see a doctor and have an exam) ranges from $25 to $50 at these clinics

Dental Care: There is a wide range of prices for basic dental cleaning and the cost will vary not only by clinic but whether the pet is a cat or a dog, the age of the pet and the pet’s weight. There will typically be additional charges if extractions or medications are needed. Some clinics offer discounts on dental cleaning if you the pet is spayed or neutered at the same time, as the greatest expense is the anesthesia.

Prices range from $130-$600 for basic cleanings without extractions/medications.

The lower cost clinics identified include, but are not necessarily limited to:

• ABC Animal Birth Control Pet Care Clinic 1114 S. CraycrofT (520) 745-4564  ($29 for office visit)
• Broadway Animal Hospital 2300 E. Broadway (520) 622-6485  ($50 for office visit, dicsounts for seniors, military, college students)
• Pet Doctor Rx 6464 N. Oracle (520) 829-5166  ($25 for office visit)
• Santa Cruz Pet Hospital 5408 S. 12th Ave. (520) 889-9643  ($35 for    office visit)


Local low cost spay and neuter resources, click here.


II. Organizations that offer FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for medical needs

Each will have its own application process and any eligibility requirements listed on their web page. You may need to apply to several places to find ONE that has the funds available and approves your request.

Brown Dog Foundation provides temporary financial assistance as an alternative to surrendering a pet to a shelter when the pet is diagnosed with a treatable, but life-threatening condition or illness. Owners must contribute at least 25% of the treatment cost. Must apply online:

The Doctor Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation-Petsavers, Inc. provides grants for sick/injured pets who would not get treatment due to financial constraints. Must be contacted by the sponsoring veterinarian. You can submit your vets name at the website to be a sponsor with them.   Must be denied Care Credit first and have positive prognosis.

• Mosby Foundation provides non-emergency care of critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs through financial support and public education. Must apply online at:

• The Onyx & Breezy Foundation lends funding and support to pets of individuals where medical hardship is present. A fully completed application includes the Foundation Questionnaire, tax return, estimate of cost, diagnosis and prognosis, Care Credit status. (201) 782-7400

The Pet Fund provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need non-emergency veterinary care. Applicants are required to call before applying: (916) 443-6007

Gracie’s Mission provides financial assistance or individuals of limited income for holistic medicine and hydrotherapy. (617) 418-7441

Paws 4 A Cure provides financial assistance for non-routine medical care. Must apply for CareCredit first Then must apply online at:

Handicapped Pets Foundation donates mobility equipment to pets in need.  Note that you will have 30 minutes to complete the application form before the session will time out and you will have to re-submit the information. (603) 637-2200

Cancer- specific assistance

Joshua Louis Cancer Foundation requires that your pet is under the care of a Board-Certified Veterinary Oncologist. For assistance, please follow instructions carefully: 201-918-6962 for questions about the website

The Magic Bullet Fund helps people who have made room in their houses and hearts for a canine companion, but do not have the financial resources to provide cancer treatment. Their grants are a ‘launching’ donation and they help the pet owner raise the additional funds needed.

The Riedel and Cody Fund will prioritize the neediest owners and the dogs/cats with the most likely positive outcome from treatment. You must register online and then apply online.

Emergency/Urgent Care

Cause For Paws (LOCAL) provides financial assistance for people of limited income whose pets need acute emergency or specialty care at Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson. 4909 N. La Cañada, Tucson, AZ Owner pays 20% and provides 20 hours of community service. Call for more information.    (520) 795-9955

RedRover Relief provides financial assistance and additional resources so pet owners can care for animals that need urgent veterinary care. Must apply online.

• International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP): emergency veterinary care fund to help IAADP Partner Members in good standing in the USA. Dogs under 18 months and retired dogs are not eligible.  However, the site provides links to websites for a puppy, a dog in training, an assistance dog for a non-member, a dog with cancer, your emotional support animal or companion animal of any species.                  

Dog Breed Specific (Not necessarily a complete listing)

• Akita Rescue Fund

• Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc.

• Bermer Emergency Health Assistance Fund

• Boston terrier

• Boxer Rescue Foundation

• Chow Chow Welfare Fund

• Corgi

• Doberman

• Golden retriever and

• Great Pyrenees

• Labrador retriever and and

• Pit Bull (serving American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and pit bull mixes)

• Tibetan Spaniel

• West Highland White Terrier



III. Zero interest credit for medical treatment and “discount” services

CARECREDIT You may qualify for this a major charge card that offers clients several convenient payment plans to choose from.

No Interest Payment Plan: There is a 6 month no interest plan that you can use to pay for your pet’s treatment over time.

Extended Payment Plans: There are 24, 36, 48 or 60 month low interest payment plans.

You can apply in person at your vet’s office, online, by phone or by smartphone.

Arizona CoppeRx Card can be used for discounts on pet prescriptions such as phenobarbital and amoxicillin.

In order to qualify for the discount, the pet owner must have a valid prescription for their pet and the medication must be one that has a human equivalent.



Pet Insurance is becoming very popular and common as a way to manage the expenses that come with owning a pet. Premiums are typically low and they vary with each company, as do the benefits provided. Most companies will offer multiple pet discounts.

• United Health Pet Care (UPC) (602) 266-5303
Membership in this program saves the pet owner 20-50% on every vet visit. $12.99/month covers both sick and well care. No waiting period. No deductibles. No age limit. No pre-existing conditions exclusions

• VPI Pet Insurance (866) 838-7387
Various levels of coverage, from emergency only ($10-$11 per month) to comprehensively including accidents, illnesses and hereditary conditions ($25-$35 per month).

The following companies will have a monthly premium based on your location, information about the et(s) and possible depending on the deductible you choose. Quotes are provided on the website when you enter your information.

• Healthy Paws (800) 453-4054
Unlimited coverage for accidents, illnesses and genetic conditions.

• 24 Pet Watch (866) 597-2424
Three levels of coverage. Premiums are based on location and pet information. Quote provided on the web. Also includes Shelter Care Insurance.  Provided at the time of adoption by many shelters, it includes 30 free days of coverage with various options for ongoing coverage.

• ASPCA Pet Health Insurance (888) 716-1203
Reimburses 90% of usual and customary covered charges. $100 annual deductible per pet.
Choose from 4 increasing levels and customize them with deductibles and co-insurance options.
Premiums based on location and pet information. Quote provided at the website.

• Embrace Pet Insurance (800) 226-1308
Covers accidents & illnesses, genetic conditions, alternative therapies, emergency hospitals, specialist clinics, chronic conditions, cancer treatment. Premiums based on location and pet information. Quote provided at the website.

• Petplan (866) 467-3875
Policy benefits: Vet expenses $8,000/year (Bronze Plan), $12,000/year (Silver Plan), $20,000/year (Gold Plan). Treatment of all accidents and illnesses. Choice of $50, $100 or $200 deductible. Choice of 80%, 90% or 100% reimbursement. Multiple discounts available. Premiums based on location and pet information. Quote provided at the website.

• Trupanion (800) 569-7913
One simple plan, 90% coverage, no payout limits. Premiums based on location, pet information and deductible chosen. Quote provided at the website.

• Premier Pet Insurance (877) 774-4671 call Various plans.
Quotes provided online or over the phone.



If you have already asked family members, friends and co-workers for help, you may want to consider a more public appeal. Though, If your birthday or a holiday is near, asking for assistance for your pet as your gift is another way to ask for help from family and friends.

Public appeals can be very successful. And here are a variety of methods that might suit you.

• Consider a yard sale and include the reason for the sale- also include a donation jar.

• Post an ad on Craigslist or Facebook. Requesting the donations be sent directly to your veterinary clinic will increase a donor’s confidence in the sincerity of the request.

Online fundraising pages such as (free) (fees are 7% of donations) and (fees are 5% of donations) and provide a secure means for friends, family and the public to send financial support via the internet. You can sign up, create your donation website, share your link with friends and family and collect donations.