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Pet Training and Owner Education

file9701347375886Sometimes our pets exhibit behaviors that are less than desirable.  These behaviors may make living with your pet frustrating at times. Fortunately, most behavior issues can be resolved with some training or behavior modification. Responsible pet ownership requires your family, neighbors and other animals are safe from the actions of your pet.  The best way to ensure this is by training your pet.
In Pima County there are many resources to aid you in training your furry friend to correct unwanted behaviors.  Wouldn’t you prefer to help your pet so that they can remain with you rather than re-home or surrender to a shelter?  Training your pet should be a fun and rewarding activity for you and your pet.  One option is to do some research and train your own pet or you can hire a professional pet trainer.

Find a local training class that meets your needs.  Search by location, price, whether or not they offer sliding scale and specialty (basic obedience, aggression, socialization, etc.)

Find help online– includes personal support services, videos and articles

Links and Resources

Age and breed related tendencies and behavior:

Separation anxiety:


Resource guarding

Finding a dog trainer

 Resolving Litter Box Issues