10257376_607494252679064_8701963269651926086_nBE a VOLUNTEER!

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of homeless or feral cats and dogs in Pima County?


No Kill Pima County has several current projects that we are actively working on at PACC and in the community to save more lives.


There are many volunteer opportunities with NKPC. And if you are looking to work with animals see below for information on volunteering at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), the county facility.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



Contact us for more information on any of these topics:


S.O.S. Help Desk – Take a shift  at the intake desk at PACC and offer Support Options and Solutions to keep animals out of the shelter. Just 2 or 3 hours of your time will make a difference.


Lost and Found- whether you like to work at a computer, in the community or you’d like to visit the animals at PACC there is a need for people to help reunite lost pets with their owners.


Transporting Animals to support the S.O.S. Help Desk,  a rescue group or foster home in their efforts. For example, pets may need a ride from PACC to a volunteer’s home or from a volunteer’s home to a doctor appointment or adoption event.


Marketing/Public Relations/Fundraising –  In July, 2015 NKPC launched a marketing campaign savethesaveable.com to inform the public of  the need for more rescue/foster homes and adoptive homes for the shelter dogs and cats that have treatable medical conditions or behavior challenges that could improve outside the shelter. Currently these animals are only known to those who follow a couple select facebook pages. We’d like the public to see some of the faces of animals that need support to get out of the shelter. Do you have the skills to help? Producing marketing materials, graphic design, photography, translating English to Spanish, social networking,  general community outreach and fudraising are all skills that would help make this campaign successfull.


Recruiting Foster Homes –  outreach to the public and  conducting a Home Visit for new foster homes and completing a checklist based on your observations of the safety issues required to maintain a cat or dog in their home.


Trap Neuter Return- Receive training, supplies and help trap feral cats so that they can be neutered or spayed and returned to their colony in the community where they will no longer increase the size of the colony. Also work on expanding community resources for feral cats.


Website support- Help keep the website information and the S.O.S. Resource Directory current.




Wanting to work directly with shelter animals? PACC- Pima Animal Care Center is at 4000 N. Silverbell.


Volunteer opportunities range from walking dogs to helping out in the licensing office, but before becoming a PACC volunteer, folks need to make sure they meet a few requirements:

  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, or if between the ages of 11-15, have a parent or guardian that’s willing to volunteer with them
  • Volunteers must commit to provide six hours of service each month for a minimum of six months,
  • Volunteers must have great customer service skills


Fill out your online application to get your volunteering career started with PACC.  To learn more about PACC’s volunteer program and the types of opportunities available, visit PACC’s volunteer website.


Examples: Dog walking- Give the dogs the one-on-one attention they need to stay happy and calm. The dogs need this socialization, it is very stressful for a dog to stay in their kennel 24 hours a day. Happy dogs are more appealing and more adoptable! Schedules are flexible.  You can also join Tucson Ruff Runners and take a pup for a morning or evening jog to work off excess energy!


Cat cuddling- Give the cats the one-on-one attention they need to get socialized or stay socialized. It is very stressful for a cat to stay in a small cage 24 hours a day. Schedules are flexible.


Off-site adoption- a successful adoption program depends on visibility of the dogs and cats. On weekends, PACC pets are brought to pet supplies stores and shopping centers to draw attention and hopefully some adopting families. Volunteers provide information about the pets and assist people who want to adopt.


If you are interested in fostering a dog or a cat for one of the local rescue organizations, please click here to learn more and/or start the process.