TUCSON: FREE Spay and neuter, first come first serve. 48 hour MASH clinic Sponsored by multiple local organizations. At 6015 S Santa Clara, Tucson, AZ (former Mission Manor Elementary School)
Check in from 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Saturday, October 14TH – DOGS ONLY Sunday, October 15TH – CATS ONLY
Bring DOGS and CATS on a leash or in a carrier! 
Be prepared to wait in line
For Questions Call 520-319-9292

THREE POINTS: Spay and Neuter Solutions brings FREE alters to dogs and cats in Three Points on the first Wednesday of every month (October 4th) at 8am. Asavet Charities mobile vet will be at the new fire station at 10351 S. Sasabe Hwy. Vaccines are also available for reasonable prices.  Call 520-889-9643

AJO: CANCELLED the mobile clinic is in the shop being repaired.  Convenient service for Ajo residents at reasonable prices. Asavet Mobile Vet will provide  Spay neuter for dogs and cats and wellness vaccines or wound care. Parking at 920 N. 2nd Ave  Ajo, Arizona. October 10th check in at 10am. Wellness clinics with vaccines, wound care 11am to 2pm. For surgery appointments and info call: 889-9643 or 387-7502

 Low Cost Clinics

Spay and Neuter

These clinics may be ‘full service’ or may specialize in high volume spay and neuter. Even with specialized clinics they will often offer additional services such as vaccination, microchipping, nail trims etc. and some offer testing (heartworm, FIV/felv) and even dental cleanings.

Please note that there can be additional charges related to spay/neuter surgery for things such as “in heat” fees, pregnancy terminations, additional pain medication, protective e-collars, undescended testicles etc. Check the individual clinics’ websites or call for their hours of operation and a complete list of services and costs.

Also, individual clinics may have varying age and weight requirements. At the time of scheduling they will give you specific details such as when to withhold food prior to surgery, that cats MUST be transported in carriers, and other pertinent information.

Base rates roughly range from $29-40 per male cat, $60-$75 per female cat and $65-$140 depending on either/or the weight and gender of the dog.

Clinics offering low cost spay/neuter:


• Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic – 225 E. Valencia – (520) 495-5900 –

Animal Birth Control Pet Care Clinic (ABC) – 1114 S. Craycroft (at 22nd St) (520) 745-4564 –

Arizona Spay/Neuter Clinic – 4 W. Grant Road (at Stone) – (520) 624-5005 or (877) 524-0017 –

• Eastside Pet Clinic – 7036 E Broadway Blvd. (at Pantano) (520) 731-1714 –
Their spay/neuter rates are slightly higher, especially for larger dogs, but they offer full service care and serve the East side. Vaccines are mandatory here. If you can not show proof of current vaccines they will require them at the time of surgery.

• Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) – 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. (off of Ft. Lowell between Country Club and Dodge) – (520) 881-0321 –
Vaccines are mandatory here. If you can not show proof of current vaccines they will require them at the time of surgery.

•Pet Doctor Rx 6464 N. Oracle (at Orange Grove) (520) 829-5166 –
This clinic also offers full service care. Requires vaccinations be up to date prior to scheduling alter.

• Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic – 5408 S. 12th Ave. (at Nebraska) (520) 889-9643 –
This clinic offers full service care.


Free, small additional fees or negotiable co-pays


A program that offers spay/neuter for a $15 co-pay or in some cases, free.

Choose which clinic best accommodates your needs. Most participating clinics cover the full cost of surgery including in heat fees, pregnancy terminations and cryptorchidism (undescended testicles), but be sure to ask individual clinics about possible additional charges which can vary by clinic. On occasion, some dogs require protective e-collars ($10-12) if they’re licking their surgical site and two clinics require vaccines at an additional cost ($5-23).

This link will take you to the PETFIX flier:

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• Spanish:

Some clinics may have an extensive wait list. While the Humane Society of Southern Arizona requires mandatory vaccines at an additional cost ($23), they sometimes accommodate more animals than the limit and can get animals in more quickly especially if they are in heat or pregnant. Guadalupe does not maintain a waiting list, but rather takes appointments on a first come, first serve basis at the beginning of each month until they run out of vouchers (usually in under 10 business days).

Animal League of Green Valley

A non-profit No Kill shelter with funding to offer low cost spay/neuter for the following areas: Green Valley, Amado, Arrivaca, Sahuarita,  ‘dogpatch’  and South Tucson. Co-pays of $20 for dogs and $10 for cats and no cost for those on public assistance. Surgeries are performed by two clinics in the area, For more information call Nancy at  (520) 399-2325

Spay and Neuter Solutions

A non-profit organization that helps defray the cost of spay/neuter for cats and dogs. There are no restrictions based on geographic location or number of animals per household, however, they have finite resources and funding can vary depending on specific grants they receive. Arrangements are made on a case by case basis with owners typically contributing a co-pay.

Applications for assistance can be found under the menu item “Services-Apply for Help” on their website at: . Submitting online applications gets the fastest response.

If you do not have internet access they can be reached by phone at (520) 247-6469.