Did you find a stray pet?


Thousands of strays are picked up or brought into the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) every year. Many lives could be saved if more were returned to their owners or were held by someone until it can be claimed by the owner.

Pet owners and people who have found pets may not know to look at PACC and we hope you will spread the message about ALL the ways to reunite pets and their owners.


If you found a lost pet:

1. Look for ID.

Check for tags or other ID on the collar.

Also have the animal scanned to look for a microchip. Most veterinary clinics, the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), and the Humane Society will do this for free.

2. Contact local shelters.

If you can keep the animal at your home while searching for the owner, that is the best and safest solution for the animal.

In Tucson, both the Humane Society (520-327-6088) and PACC (520-243-5800, option #3) take found pet reports.

The PACC will post the animal on their website for 3 days, and will include a picture if you send them one. Including a picture is very helpful and recommended.

3. Search Websites.

PACC will post your found pet report on http://www.petharbor.com. You can also check the website “Lost Pets” section.

4. Look for and post signs.

Most pets are found within a mile of their home. Keep an eye out for lost posters.

Also post “Found” signs. The fewer words the better, just a photo and the following information:


Create and print a free sign here: http://missingpetflyer.com/

5. Canvas your neighborhood.

Personally notify as many people around your home as possible. If done immediately, this is the most effective method.

6. Use the Internet and Social Media.

7. Your local newspaper.

There are still many people who have never used the Internet. These people will be watching the newspaper for a found pet ad and if they do not live in your neighborhood, they won’t have seen the signs you put up.

In Tucson, call  (520) 573-4343 to place a FOUND PET ad. The ad is FREE.