Meet Our Newest Board Member

We are pleased to announce Justin Pope has joined the NKPC Board of Directors   We asked Justin to introduce himself: I am married with six kids and currently reside with four dogs, three cats, and three guinea pigs. I’m employed as a Registered Nurse and I’ve identified as a computer nerd since I was very young, but I am a relative newcomer to animal welfare. While I’ve always enjoyed the companionship of animals, it has only recently become a focus in my life. A fortunate coincidence almost four years ago – on my birthday, no less – began a journey of fostering with a local rescue, and we’ve welcomed 118 dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies into our household since. Through all the ups and downs, my life has been impacted by each and every one, but I’m also deeply touched by the ones our community hasn’t been able to save. We have seen many of the pillars of the No Kill Equation implemented here in Tucson, but there is still more work to do – especially when it comes to medical and behavioral rehabilitation and proactively reuniting lost pets with their families. That’s why organizations like NKPC are so important in developing and supporting new programs that directly impact the lives of the animals here in southern Arizona, and I’m proud to be able to play a role in that lifesaving mission. I dream of a world where shelters are a safe haven of last resort, preventable illnesses are a
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In continuing efforts to become a No Kill Community and truly save the savable by responding to related needs, the Each One Medical Fund was developed by No Kill Pima County to provide veterinary support outside of the shelter for the animals of the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). The fund aims to help fill a gap by providing assistance for individual animals on a case by case basis to be used for additional diagnostic testing, more complex surgical procedures, Board Certified specialty consults, second opinions, shortening wait times for needed medical care bringing relief and making an animal adoption ready and ultimately, to save lives. In addition to financial support for medical care, appointments, record transfer and animal and sample transport are also coordinated by No Kill Pima County.   From August to December 2016, sixteen animals have received medical care through the Each One Medical Fund. Of seven dogs, one received a dermatological consult with a specialist and 6 were provided emergency hospitalization for Parvovirus treatment. In the case of Parvo, these dogs would have been put down as they were too ill for PACC’s Foster Program and PACC does not currently treat Parvo in the shelter. Of these 6, five survived. It took Bailey, a beautiful year and a half old German Shepherd, several days of hospitalization before she raised her head and drank water, but what a comeback! Seeing these dogs go from weak and struggling to vibrant survivors makes the average cost of $278.60 seem
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2017 Update to the Help Desk 2016 Report!

UPDATE March 2017: After 33 months and almost 1,500 animals diverted from the shelter, the S.O.S. Help Desk has been turned over to the management of PACC under the umbrella of the Pet Support Center. It is a tribute to the success of the NKPC S.O.S. service that the County started a Pet Support Center (phoneline only 520-724-7222) in 2016 and has now decided to incorporate the help desk at intake in their services for the community.  NKPC thanks our supporters for making this program a phenomenal success (2016 detailed outcomes below).   NKPC will continue to develop and support life saving strategies  to address the unmet needs of  Pima County, as it has since 2012.  PACC is much closer to becoming a No Kill shelter and NKPC is committed to initiatives that keep animals out of the shelters, provide quality care while there and get them out as soon as possible.  Yes we can!!   PS the online S.O.S Resource Directory continues to be a vital service of No Kill Pima County as the most thorough one stop shop for resources to Keep Animals Out of Shelters. Feel free to send us feedback, corrections or suggested additions.   WHAT  HAPPENED AT THE S.O.S. HELP DESK IN 2016? The S.O.S Help Desk works part time outside of Admissions at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). Our goal is to keep animals from entering the shelter by offering Support Options and Solutions. We believe one critical step to becoming a No Kill community
Continue Reading Presents An Evening At The Gaslight Theater, a campaign of No Kill Pima County, hosts “The Two Amigos” at The Gaslight Theater on January 7, 2017.  Joins us for a family-friendly evening of entertainment and support our marketing campaign to bring attention to the most needy cats and dogs at Pima Animal Care Center.  The mature pets, those with medical or behavioral issues and others who have been at the shelter too long need our support to have a happy ending. There IS a family for each of these pets- help us inform the public.  The website features animals at risk in the county shelter and explains conditions that some may have. Funds raised promote the Saveable campaign through billboards, print, television, radio, etc. Please help us get the word out by viewing the available pets on our website.    THE SHOW Theater tickets are $22, perfect for holiday gifts! If you have never been to the Gaslight Theater, it’s a Tucson treasure you should see. TripAdvisor ranked Gaslight Theater #7 of 271 things to do in Tucson. You know you want to do it! Shows are musical comedies and fun for the whole family.  The Two Amigos! will not disappoint!     Drinks, snacks and dinner are available for purchase inside the theater (sales are not part of the fundraiser).    See the menu.    Doors open at 8:15pm for General Admission seating. Performance starts at 8:30 PM. Organizers will be there at 7:45pm in the parking lot selling raffle tickets before the event.
Continue Reading – Focusing On Those Who Need Our Help is dedicated to marketing animals who are ‘at risk’ at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC).  These dogs and cats are often overlooked by prospective adopters coming to the shelter and before now were promoted only on a volunteer managed Facebook page.     Most importantly, the page features animals that are currently on deadline at the shelter. This means the shelter has determined the animal cannot be maintained at the shelter due to a medical or behavior issues, such as extreme kennel stress, and may be put the animal down if not rescued or adopted by a specific date. not only calls special attention to the animals at risk, but encourages the public to seriously consider these animals for adoption or as a foster pet. Some of these animals may have what one would consider an ‘issue’ but you might consider a characteristic that fits just perfectly in YOUR home. A classic example of a saveable dog is one that doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs. If you only plan to have one dog in your family and you are not the type to frequent the dog parks or have friends bring dogs over to visit, then there is NO reason you should not consider a dog whose life is on the line because he/she cannot share a kennel in the shelter. For cats a typical example is ringworm. Ringworm, is a very common fungal infection (like athlete’s foot) that is a treatable at little cost and
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