Who is No Kill Pima County?

No Kill Pima County is a grass roots, community group of committed individuals dedicated to saving the healthy, treatable and re-habitable homeless pets and feral cats in Pima County.


IMG_1026No Kill Pima County is working to end the needless killing of shelter animals in Tucson and Pima County, AZ through the rigorous implementation of the No Kill Equation.


We strive to create a compassionate community that recognizes the intrinsic value of animals. We agree on the shared principles of accountability, respect, transparency and community collaboration.


Pima County’s municipal shelter had an 81% save rate (7/01/15- 6/30/16). Over 3,000 cats and dogs died during the year. The shelter has a “modified live release rate”  of 88%, which does not include the owner requests for euthanasia (1,629). This is a tremendous improvement over the past 2 years.  Our hope and goal is to continue this trend and match the outcomes experienced across the country where communities are proving it is possible to save 90-98% of the animals that enter animal control shelters by employing the No Kill Equation. This model includes 11 essential components which when implemented comprehensively have proven successful in over 200 communities.


We are their voice! We are a small but growing group of concerned citizens with a goal to see Pima County implement the only successful model: The No Kill Equation.

What Do We Do?

NKPC believes it will take the commitment of the County, Pima Animal Care Center, The Humane Society of Southern Arizona and the community to achieve a No Kill Pima County. None of the above entities could do this without the full participation of the others. NKPC is identifying the gaps in the services and programs offered at the shelters within the county, as well as community resources available to meet the needs of the public, and advocating for change through public awareness and direct support.
NKPC originally formed task forces to apply components of the No Kill equation to address the needs of Pima County. Many of these issues have a significant impact on our community and are within our control to tackle right now. Currently, NKPC has four focus areas that need input, support and active involvement from community members:



1. Trap Neuter Return and Spay/Neuter

2. Owner Retention and Redemption (return to owner)

3. Rescue and Foster Care

4. Public Relations/Marketing/Fundraising



No Kill Pima County is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
The Board of Directors includes: Marcie Velen, Jessica Shuman , Jeanette Regan-Anders and Justin Pope.

Contact us

No Kill Pima County
PO Box 86231
Tucson, AZ 85754

Phone: (520) 477-7401
Email us here


There are many people interested in learning more about this model and working to create a No Kill Pima County. We hope you’ll join us in this effort, a very achievable reality.

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